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Love Letter December 12, 2009

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Dear Husband,

You are so good to me.  You got up with Maya and did the 4 AM feeding, I can’t begin to express how much I appreciate this.  You got up with Zoey and made her a healthy and warm breakfast.  You helped her crawl into our bed, and turned on cartoons, then after she was safe and content, you went down the hall and fed the baby again.  All of this just so that I could sleep in.  You are a wonderful husband.

When I was finally awake enough to come downstairs, you were in the process of making me eggs and toast for breakfast.  The TV was turned on to my favorite news channel, and the weather for the day was being forecast, just what I like to see when I first arise.  This morning has been perfect, and I thank you for that.

However, there was one somewhat significant mistake that was made.  You see, as much as I love you and appreciate all you do, it will never be OK to reheat the remnants of last night’s pot of decaf and tell me that we will be drinking it again this morning.  After five and a half wonderful years where we have shared a home and life together, I would have thought you would have learned this by now.  In fact, I’m pretty sure there was a class on this during basic training.

I just want to inform you I am not complaining.  How can I complain, after all of the wonderful things you did for me this morning?  I just wanted to make sure that we don’t gloss over a teachable moment.  Otherwise, thank you for all of your wonderful kindness this morning.  And now that we have this all squared away, I will begin my love letter.

Dear Cuisinart Grind and Brew Automatic Coffee Maker…