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Who Likes Free Stuff? December 2, 2009

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I love the holidays!!! I love the colors, the smell of trees, and even the business of the stores.  I especially love being finished with shopping, wrapping, and decorating by bedtime on Black Friday!  Why do I have all of this done so soon?  Because I’m crazy, of course!  And also because when I purchase presents throughout the year it frees up more money during the season to shop for extras- you know, all of the great “stuff” that comes out around this time.  Things that you just can’t live without.  This year I stumbled onto a great one: www.personalizedfree.com.

This website is an ornament lover’s heaven!  It has multiple ornaments for just about every occasion,  occupation, and hobby.  And the best part?  They personalize it for free!  (I bet you couldn’t have guessed that from the name!) The ornaments look beautiful, and the service is FAST.  I placed an order on Wednesday night and received them on Monday morning.  Not bad, considering we had Thanksgiving and a weekend in that time frame!  I have already ordered three for this year, but I’m pretty sure they will be hearing from me again.

So where does free stuff come into play?  Well, my good friend Kisha over at In Through the Out Door is having a giveaway.  The winner receives a free ornament!  The contest ends tomorrow night at 10 PM, so hurry on over to Kisha’s Freebie Friday post to find out how to not only enter the contest, but get a 10% discount on any purchases as well!  Good luck!

(I am receiving no compensation for the preceding post.  I am simply endorsing a product I love!)