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Parenting is a game where only the kids know the rules.

Pack Your Bags December 31, 2009

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We’re moving kids!

Sorry to do this to you, but my web address has changed.  You can now find Typing One Handed at:


By getting my own domain I am able to have so much more control over my blog, and I like that.  I really enjoy control.

If you are currently a subscriber, rest assured that you will still have this option.  I know that if I took that ability away from you that life just wouldn’t be the same.  As I don’t want to be the one responsible for changing your world, I put the subscribe option toward the top of the page, on the right.  I hope you will still read along.

Thank you for the overwhelming support you’ve provided this last month, as I’ve been starting up.  I’m really excited to continue sharing my stories and thoughts with you.

Happy New Year!

(And speaking of the new year, why don’t you swing on by my new place to check out my latest post, A Long December.)


Blaming the Horomones (Yet Again) December 15, 2009

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Something I find very interesting during the pregnancy and postpartum  months is the inability to make a decision.  This accompanies the inability to remember things, the inability to regulate your body temperature, and the inability to watch a sitcom with out crying, laughing hysterically during the un-funny moments, and then getting mad and throwing things at the television set.  But yes, definitely the most interesting to me is the inability to make a decision.  Maybe, or not.

I was thinking about this just now as I was trying to decide where I want to put my heating pad.  Should it go on the kitchen counter on top of the mail, or on the kitchen counter on top of the camera?  I seriously moved it back and forth a few times before deciding to put it away, in the bathroom that was a whole ten feet away from me.

Why am I sharing this with you?  Because earlier I wrote an entire post that is yet to be published on this site.  I like the post, I spent a fair amount of time writing it, but I can’t decide how to end the thing.  The ending I have is not worthy.  Yet I can’t really think of anything better.

So this is what you get for now.  Perhaps I will post the real one later.  Or maybe I’ll have to think on it a bit before I let you see it.  I’m not sure, I just can’t decide.


Open Mouth, Insert Foot Here December 10, 2009

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I rarely pause to think.  This has gotten me in trouble many times throughout my life.  I would like to think that with getting older I have learned to slow down and really consider things before I open my mouth, but truth be told, I still get myself into trouble on a pretty regular basis.

I know we all have things about ourselves that we’d like to improve, whether it be on the outside or the inside.  I wish I could slow my mouth down to get it on the same track as my brain.  It seems like it should be easy, think before you speak, right?  I guess sometimes its easy to get a little too excited about you current train of thought, and before that train has hit the end of the track you trying to jump to the next one.

Well, I’m getting a little too deep for even myself, and seem to be mixing metaphors, so I will keep it short this time (before I say more without giving thought or consideration).  If you are interested in some better reading than I have to offer you at the moment, I would really encourage you to check out some of the blogs I follow.  They are listed on the right, in the box titled “Blogroll.”  There are four listed there.  Pick one, read it.  Even better?  Read them all.  Some of these women I know, some I don’t.  But all four of them are exceptional at something, whether it’s making you laugh, inspiring others, or simply having strength I could never comprehend.

I hope you’ll take a look while I gather my thoughts.  If you like what you see, leave them a comment, let them know that their words had a purpose.  It feels so good to know that what you’re writing is making a difference, even if that difference is nothing more than putting a smile on someone’s face.  And trust me, when you let a writer know you enjoy their hard work, you’re getting a smile right back.


What’s In a Name? December 9, 2009

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My first blog, titled Typing One Handed, went up for the world to see on December 1st.  Little did you know, my site was created more than a full week before that on November 23rd.  Why the week between creation and posting, you ask?  The answer is simple: the hunt for the perfect name.  I needed a name that captured the purpose of my blog.  Something that lets you know that as much as I love writing, I love my kids more.  I don’t need to stop holding my baby just to entertain you, because I can do both at once.  I was looking for a title that shows you I’m devoted, yet distracted.

Thus, Typing One Handed was born.

There is a problem, however.  I was considering registering the domain name typingonehanded.com, when I decided to research the name.  I wanted to know if someone else out there was also typing one-handed.

It turns out there are people out there who are typing one-handed.  In fact, there are a lot of them.  Only their reasons for typing one handed are much less pure than mine.  While I am typing one-handed because I am holding my perfect baby girl, other people are typing one handed as they engage in, um, lewd cyber acts.  (Trying to keep this PG rated here.)


For a couple days now I have been trying to decide if a new name is necessary.  Is this typing one handed a pretty common term out there, and all of you are thinking bad things/gossiping about me and my computer activities behind my back?  Or is this something that only participants in this act would know (and therefor you, dear reader would never have known)?

While laying in bed last night I was thinking about this (instead of sleeping).  Well, first I was listening to “Welcome Christmas” from the Grinch run over and over through my head.  When I started wondering if I was pronouncing the gibberish lyrics correctly, I decided perhaps I should think about something more useful.  Like what to do with the name of my blog.  That’s when I decided to pose the topic to my readers.

I would love to receive some feedback on this, just leave me a comment down below.  Let me know your thoughts on the name.  And if you think this new information warrants a new name please let me know.  Suggestions for new names are welcome, please keep in mind the point I am trying to convey.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, and will keep you posted on my decision. And in the meantime, I hope you will join with me in having a good laugh on my behalf.  Because seriously, it’s pretty hilarious if you think about it!


Typing One Handed December 1, 2009

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Blogging is not a new art to me.  You may have read my rantings in the past when I was hanging out on myspace.  It wasn’t really that long ago, but to me it seems like a lifetime ago.

Why the melodramatics, you ask?  Most of my time spent on myspace was BZ (before Zoey).  All of that time was before Maya (I would initial that as well, but I don’t want to refer to my beautiful baby as BM).  So most of those blogs were written during the blissful years of early marriage/pre-children.  I think it is safe to say that was a very different life than the life I’m living now.  It was a time when I would put on pajamas at night and no Cheerios fell out of my shirt.  The only stain on my pants was spilled coffee, never what I only hope is melted chocolate.  And never did I turn down a triple grande gingerbread latte because “Are you carzy?  I could buy a 2 pack of pacifiers for that!” (This is a lie; I would still never turn down the latte, but I have said that before.) And I definitely never wrote a blog while holding a sleeping baby. Seeing as it appears I have outgrown myspace, I have decided it is time to mature into a “new-space.”  After all, a new life should get a new blog.

So perhaps in this new set of blogs I will seem distracted, that’s because I am.  And sometimes I might repost an old BZ blog because I will choose to sleep instead of write.  But I can promise you that I will enjoy having you read along as I document this next chapter of my life.  I hope you will join me, but please be forgiving, as I will be Typing One Handed.