Typing One Handed

Parenting is a game where only the kids know the rules.

Why am I Typing One Handed? November 23, 2009

Before I was a mom, I would put on pajamas at night and no Cheerios fell out of my shirt. The only stain on my pants was spilled coffee, never what I only hope is melted chocolate. Never did I turn down a triple grande gingerbread latte because “Are you crazy? I could buy a 2 pack of pacifiers for that!” (This is a lie; I would still never turn down the latte, but I have said that before.) And I definitely never typed a blog with my right hand while holding a sleeping baby with my left.   So perhaps in some of my posts I will seem distracted, that’s because I am.  And sometimes I might choose to sleep instead of write a new post for the day.  But I can promise you that I will enjoy having you read along as I document this chapter of my life.   I hope you will join me, but please be forgiving,  as I am Typing One Handed.


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