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Wish List (Heavy on the Wish) December 14, 2009

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Remember when I mentioned in an earlier post that I love Christmas presents?  I’m sure that is all you can think about, seeing as people have been pounding down my door asking what they should get me.  Or was that a dream?  To a sleep deprived mom, there is a fine line between fact and fiction.

Anyhow, in case I wasn’t dreaming, here is a little list I’ve put together to aid in your holiday preparations:

1. A full night of sleep.  Eight hours of shut-eye, no interruptions.  That means no middle of the night feedings, no potty emergencies, no one under 4 feet tall climbing into my bed, and certainly no Little Bear at 2 AM.  Just me and my handsome husband getting into bed at 11:30 after watching the news, and waking up at 7:30 to this:

Now this says "Good morning!"

Now this says "good morning"

2. The Washington State University Cougars win the Rose Bowl.  I don’t care that we were 1-11, I don’t care that the Oregon Ducks have already claimed the Pac-10 spot in the 2010 Rose Bowl.  I want the Cougars to go, win, and thank me that I never stopped believing in them.  (If you can’t wish for a miracle at Christmas, when can you?)

3. Lottery tickets.  Lots and lots of lottery tickets.  At least one jackpot winner.  Go make it happen.

4. To be back in marathon shape without actually training.  Or cute work-out clothes to wear while I train.  Either/or.

5. An extra room in my house that I can use just for toy storage and playtime.  If adding a room to my home seems like a big task (especially in such a busy season) you could just go ahead and buy me a bigger house.

Something like this should do.

I think that about wraps up my list.  If those seem like lofty requests, you could just keep reading, that would make me happier than you can imagine.  If you have something you are dying to hear my opinion on, let me know.  I have lots of outrageous opinions on many topics, and would be honored to share those with you (as long as you remember that I am right).

So now that you know what I’m wishing for, I would LOVE to hear what you’re hoping St. Nick will throw down your chimney!


7 Responses to “Wish List (Heavy on the Wish)”

  1. Kelly Richards Says:

    I would love to get a flying raindeer for christmas. I could save money on gas and avoid traffic at the same time. Plus, it would make my arrival an “event” everywhere I went. I could probably use my “celebrity” to meet Dave Salesky. That would be cool.

  2. Jordan Says:

    When I win Mega Millions I’ll get you a bigger house.

  3. Chelsea Says:

    I just need a few more hours every day. Like 10. That’s not too much to ask for, is it? And if it is, a few new pairs of Steven Madden heels will do 🙂

  4. Lindsay Says:

    I would like an endless supply of reasonable answers to my five year olds questions. None that include “just because” or “because I said so”. I promised myself to never be that mom, and am failing miserably. So a Mary Poppin’s style bag with absolutely no bottom, full of responses will suffice. And Kelly – I met Dave Salesky! At the Ski & Snowboard show. Just as goofy in person… he was even wearing the famous bow tie! 😀

  5. Peggy Says:

    Too many wishes to mention, but here’s a few…
    1. a grandchild. Awesome! I think Santa’s bringing me one!
    2. my kitties to stay well. I cried a lot when Koala was sick, I think because it was unexpected. Joe pointed out that these cats WILL die before me, and I need to get a grip.
    3. a smooth transition into our new house in January. Thanks God! I wasn’t expecting to move, & this new house is GREAT. We are so excited.
    4. less pain. having chronic pain gets old real fast! I’m so tired of hurting and being tired all the time. We’re lucky if I’m up 6 hr. a day.
    5. I want to lose weight so my Dr. will give me knee replacement surgery soon.
    6. a job for Joe.
    7. a different job for Katie to do at the conference center.
    8. something Kris wants, but I can’t mention it here. she always loved shiny things!
    9. that all my loved ones will have a great Holiday time, and be happy.

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