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The Queen of Snacking Trickery December 7, 2009

Filed under: kids,Mom Tricks — Kelly Jo @ 11:15 pm

I have learned something very important over the last few weeks: the holiday season is not a good time to try to lose baby weight.

In hindsight, the timing of my recent pregnancy wasn’t the best.  I started my third trimester in July- bonus points for being Portland’s hottest summer EVER.  We broke records here, people.  I couldn’t have a cocktail to celebrate Kelly’s and my 5th anniversary or my sister’s 30th birthday, and of course, the aforementioned timing of trying to drop the pounds.

I worked very hard during my pregnancy to gain a proper amount of weight, and that hard work paid off, I was successful in that arena.  However, that doesn’t create a cakewalk when it comes to losing that weight (mmm… cake).  I lost all the obvious weight (you know- baby, placenta, amniotic fluid- all that gross stuff) but that last bit is stubbornly hanging around.  You know, the bit that makes the difference between if you can wear a form-fitting shirt with your favorite jeans, or if you’re stuck in your PMS jeans with a giant sweatshirt.  Unfortunately for me, my giant sweatshirt is a Washington State University sweatshirt.  I don’t know if all the snickering I hear behind my back is because I need to drop a few, or because I’m publicly supporting the Cougars.  But I digress.

With all of this delicious food coming into my house since early October, I haven’t felt like I’ve set the best nutritional example for my two-year old.  I don’t want her to think that peanut brittle and Chex Mix is a complete meal, so I thought up a wonderful little trick.

We have homemade Chex Mix around for pretty much all of December.  It’s one of my favorite holiday treats, and I swear I save calories all year for  this.  I also lie a lot.  After making the first batch, Zoey started noticing that we suddenly have a delicious snack around.  I don’t want to share let my two-year old have that much sodium, so I concocted a special mixture.  It is all the ingredients that go in the mix (multi grain Chex cereal, mixed nuts, and a few pretzels-not too bad for a kid’s snack) but I skip cooking them in the butter and salt mixture.   Duh Kelly Jo, that’s obvious.  I know you thought it, but here is where the execution of the plan comes in.

You see, the first time I tried to sneak in the intruder mix, I just had it in a baggie off to the side.  Zoey looked at the impostor snack on her plate, which looks EXACTLY the same, and says “No, that!” as she points to the real stuff.  Shoot, that kid is smarter than I gave her credit for.  So I came up with a new plan.  Same mix, same baggie, but I now store the bag inside the same container as the good stuff.  And because I haven’t lost those last few pounds, I am big enough to block her view while I sneak the healthier version into her snack bowl.

So really, my not losing these last few pounds is all part of a carefully crafted plan to help my two-year old snack healthier.  Of course, if I didn’t make the Chex Mix I wouldn’t have to be so sneaky…

No, it is a carefully crafted plan.


5 Responses to “The Queen of Snacking Trickery”

  1. Peggy Says:

    Funny Kelly! She certainly is a clever little girl… wonder where she gets it?
    And about the weight… try hard now or you’ll become fat like me. I was thin until I had kids, and kept on 30 pounds after each one. I was naughty and gained 70 pounds with Joey’s pregnancy!

  2. Kelly Jo Says:

    I shouldn’t complain too much. I actually weigh less than I did before I had Zoey. I only have 5.5 lbs. to go to reach my pre-Maya weight. I just miss my good jeans is all!

  3. Karina Says:

    I was gonna say – you look flipping fabulous! And, you’ve created two completely gorgeous genius babies. I only hope that I am as blessed as you! As much as I try not to complain about all the weight I’ve gained with this pregnancy, I know I will soon, so you’ll have to keep me in line! I just can’t wait for the water retention to go away and the ribcage to be free to breathe however I want…..however this pregnancy has been easy, so again – I CAN’T COMPLAIN! BAH!!!!!

  4. Kellene Says:

    LOLOLOLOL! THis is such CLASSIC stuff! I totally can relate to this. Nevaeh hasn’t been eating real well on this trip to Minnesota. I would settle for her eating salty chex mix if I could!! Her new thing this week is trix yogurt. Not the best choice, but has to be better than chocoalte chip cookies right??? 🙂 Keep blogging.. I love it!


  5. meg Says:


    You are wonderful.

    I know how you feel. Looking 3 months prego when not prego is not a good look for me.

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